Welcome to IDA Indore

Please pay your instalments/ Lease/ Licence Fees in one of these branches

Union Bank Of India I.D.A Branch, OBC Vijaynagar/Sudhama nagar

Pay in time to avoid penalty/cancelation.

Now you can pay instalments,lease,Licencefees online(debit card,Credit card). Net banking facility is with more than 30 banks and   visa or master card can be used for making payment.  You can also pay advance lease,instalment,initial payment of property,compounding fees through online.

For RTGS Payment with

1.   I.C.I.C.I BANK

      IFSC-Code :- ICIC0000041

      Account No :- 004105013020, INDORE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY

Kindly send the Transactions details through This Site. Kindly submit the RTGS Payment information  to IDA thourgh this website  without fail other wise reconciliation would be difficult. To submit information of RTGS Payment , select  Property Information, click on Payment made through RTGS form and fill all informations and then click SUBMIT button. 

Dear Property-Holders, we request you to update your contact details from here

For Online Payment  related difficulties, please contact  between 10 AM and 5.30 PM

Mr. Ankur Billore (ICICI Bank)   mob no 7389932119 / 0731 4241117-18

Mr. Naresh Talreja (ICICI Bank)   mob no 7869950399

Kindly view the "Online Transaction Statement" in the download option for clarification Click Download option to view this

Order passed by the Honourable Highcourt Indore in the writpetition no 1132/2003 dtd 18.12.2008 is available for download

Service tax details of Ida:

Assessee Name                : INDORE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY

Registration Number         : AAAJI0103JST00

Commissionerate and Dvision : INDORE


Dear Property Holders,

Now you can pay your dues on your property in any branches of HDFC bank in Indore.Please mention CMS client code "IDDPMENATY" FOR CHEQUES AND DD. FOR ANY HELP/QUERRY PLEASE CONTACT 9329766681

RFQ Submission date for FINTECH CITY extended till 9th December, 2016. Bidders are requested to visit the IDA site for Corrigendum and the pre-bid queries